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Key People


  • General manager - Mervyn Katz
  • Office Manager - Karen Fried
  • Project Manager - Nicole Michel


Kehillat Kadimah Board

  • Barry Meskin (Chairman)
  • Dale Carr (Vice-Chairman)
  • Daniel Winton
  • Ellie Temple
  • Esmond Kilov
  • Ian Charif
  • Lonn Miller
  • Martine Lockstone
  • Michael Kadoury
  • Neill Miller
  • Shelley Sher


Kehillat Kadimah Board Sub-Committees

Do you have a question but aren't sure who to ask? Our General Manager, Mervyn Katz, is the best person to ask for any day to day operational queries.

The Board is structured into a number of sub-committees, and they are available to receive feedback for matters requiring more strategic input. Please feel free to contact the appropriate Board sub-committee outlined in the table below.

Tue, 9 August 2022 12 Av 5782