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Chesed Meals

Many of our community already fulfil the mitzvah of providing meals during times of need. Chesed and simcha meals are a way to coordinate short-term assistance with meals for those who require them, for example during the shiva period, illness or when a young family brings home a newborn baby. If members of our Kehillat Kadimah community hear of such needs a food chain can be coordinated for this purpose.

For further enquiries, please contact our General Manager, Mervyn Katz, in the office on 9371 7300.

Shabbat Meal Hospitality

Occasionally we have people at Shul on a Friday night or Shabbat morning who do not have a Shabbat meal to attend. As a warm and welcoming community we try to have a roster of kosher homes organised so that if the situation arises we can offer someone a Shabbat meal to attend.

If you are able to assist please contact our General Manager, Mervyn Katz, in the office on 9371 7300.

Additionally, if you or someone you know are in need of a Shabbat meal, please contact Mervyn with your requirements.


Bikur Cholim


Please contact the office to provide details: 9371 7300.

Amongst the great features of our community is the caring and attentive work of our Bikkur Cholim volunteers who visit private homes, hospitals, and aged care facilities. Visits help ensure that members, as well as the parents and grandparents of members, who are in care facilities remain connected to our community even if they aren’t able to attend shul as frequently as they would like. 

If you are able to spare a couple of hours once or twice a month, you can brighten the day of someone in our community.

This is open to all ages, and support material and guidance is offered to ensure visits are effective and make a good impact on the lives of those you meet. Additionally, if you know of someone in any of the local hospitals, aged care facilities, or private homes who would benefit from a social visit, please contact the office on 9371 7300.

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