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About Us

Kehillah is community. The underpinning of our model is community. We are a strong community, and we want to embrace this. Our vision is of a community that celebrates the good times, comforts and supports in the difficult times, and goes above and beyond to make the community stronger. 

Kadimah comes from the Hebrew root kadam, meaning to advance, do first or precede. We are advancing our community forward. In modern Hebrew, Kadimah means forward, or come on, let's do it. It is what commanders say leading their troops into battle, and also how bus drivers tell you to move down inside the bus. It is about action! 

Kedem also means east and is where the sun first appears - geographically significant to our physical location. The garden of Eden was in the east, and the direction in which Jacob set off from his father's house. These two meanings come together in the line from Hatikvah, about turning eastwards, kadimah, where it means in the direction of Zion, and expresses the hope that Zionism would be a big step forward in the Jewish story and embraced in our ethos.

To enquire about membership, please contact Mervyn in the office.

See our key people here.

Sat, 18 May 2024 10 Iyyar 5784