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Rosh Hashanah Information

Dear Kehillat Kadimah Community,

As you are aware, Rosh Hashanah this year is going to be very different to previous years. This email contains some important information in the lead-up to Yom Tov. An additional email with detailed information on what to expect if you are attending Shul will be sent out later this evening to everyone who has registered for services.

A reminder to all men who have their tallit in their locker to please collect them before Rosh Hashanah as there will be no access to lockers over Yom Tov.

Pre-Rosh Hashanah Video 

Please click on the image below to view a video message for our community:
Candle Lighting and Shul Service Times

Please see the below table for Rosh Hashanah candle lighting and Shul service times.

Please be reminded that only people who have pre-registered, and have received email confirmation of their bookings for services, may attend Shul over Rosh Hashanah this year. Please do not arrive before the earliest arrival time allocated for each service.

The wearing of face masks is mandatory for anyone entering our Kehillat Kadimah building over the High Holy Days.

Please remember to bring your own machzor to Shul over Yom Tov.
Online Yizkor Service

We will be conducting an online Yizkor Service on Wednesday, 23rd September at 8pm. Zoom login details will be sent out early next week after Rosh Hashanah. Please ensure you have your Yizkor names prepared prior to the online service.

Please note, we will not be sending out details of the Hebrew names of your loved ones ahead of Yizkor/Yom Kippur. You can, however, find out your loved ones' names by:
  1. Referring to the list that was attached to your seat card from last year.
  2. Accessing the information in your online account.
    For a step-by-step guide on how to find your yahrzeit details in your account, please click here.
  3. Contacting the office on 9371 7300.
Special Yom Tov Soundtrack

Rabbi Yehoshua Niasoff has spent countless hours creating a special soundtrack in honour of the upcoming Yom Tovs.

Rabbi Niasoff hopes to gift our community that Yom Tov feeling we all get when we listen to familiar songs. We thank him for all the time, love and passion that he has poured into this project. 

In addition, he has created a 'behind the scenes' video explaining how the soundtrack was made. Please turn up your sound, click on the button below and enjoy!
Please click here for the Yom Tov Soundtrack and Video

Wishing you and your families Shana Tova u'Metukah and Ketivah v’Chatima Tova.

Rabbis Dovy Rapoport, Yehoshua Niasoff, Benjy Simons, Chairman Barry Meskin, Board Members and Staff of Kehillat Kadimah.
Thu, 3 December 2020 17 Kislev 5781